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The fusion between creativity and strategy is the premise for branding work. I accompany the process of each project so that it is consolidated and lasts over time. Solid experience and teamwork are the pillars of a good identity. Here is a compilation of various works of different scope.

Beginning with a Bang! From Confrontation to Intimacy. Americas Society, NY

Image for the exhibition curated by Victoria Noorthoorn. The historical section is organized as a timeline from 1956 to 1976 that focuses on immediate actions and performative gestures of destruction and dematerialization that sought to confront and transform the art system during this time. In the timeline, viewers will be able to access information on specific gestures and projects by Alberto Greco, Marta Minujín, Roberto Jacoby, the media art group (Eduardo Costa and Roberto Jacoby, Raúl Escari and Juan Risuleo), Pablo Suárez, and Federico Manuel Peralta Ramos among many others.


The great challenge of this timeline design was that it was made entirely in Buenos Aires, it was previously designed digitally with the measurements of the space and then the editors of the American Society had to assemble everything in the NY space. The result was as expected.

Imagen Beginning with a Bang! From Confrontation to Intimacy. Americas Society, NY