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Knowledge of signs and their articulation make editorial work a challenge.
Typographic choice, grid layout, color palette, and image editing are key.
Teamwork with editors. photographers, style correctors.

Design in process

From MALBA.design several samples were developed in which the publications were an important axis of the setting. In each of the books, materiality and editorial dynamics were the premises.

Design in process curated by Anabella Rondina, focused on the different instances of projection and production of industrial design and invites us to reflect on the ways of approaching the discipline.


The rustic materiality of the cover and the manually placed label reinforced the curatorial idea of ​​focusing on the "process" of design. The designer's sketchbook book.

Imagen Design in process
The millimeter sheet as a support for the texts
Imagen Design in process
Imagen Design in process
Each participating designer has internal dropdowns to display schematics of their designs
Imagen Design in process